Clare Historic Photographs



Back To Clare Train 1928.jpg
Bain Rotunda At Clare Oval.jpg
Bain Rotunda 4f01-5c21-544d-8ca0-3430c9f
Ballinger's Blacksmith Shop.jpg
Barnes Coach.jpg
Barnes Coach
and Blyth Mail Coach:
Billy Goat Hill Lookout.jpg
Bowleys Drapery.jpg
Bowleys Drapery

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Bowley's Bridge, Clare 1932, Photograph, B 8327

Bowleys Bridge Clare 2a9b-58b9-5e1a-b279
Bowling Green.jpg
Building Clare Hospital.jpg
Building Clare Hospital

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New hospital foundation ceremony at Clare

New hospital foundation ceremony at Clare
Back To Clare 1928.jpg
Bungaree Homestead 1863.jpg
Bungaree Homestead SLSA.jpg
Clare And Blyth Coach.jpg
Burton Street Stepping Stones.jpg
Burton Street Stepping Stones Clare.jpg


Australia Day Parade 1917.jpg
Bushfire Destruction 1965.jpg
Black Sunday Anniversary organisers.jpg
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Bushfires 1965.jpg
Fire in Hills behind Essington Avenue in


Clare 1928.jpg
Clare And Blyth Coach.jpg
Clare and Blyth Coach

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Blyth Mail Coach [B 2095]

Clare Band 1928.jpg
Clare Band 1928 (Back to Clare)

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Clare Girls Band c 1914.jpg
Clare Flour Mill on left.jpg
Clare - Flour Mill On Left

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O'Leary's Flour Mill (First Clare Mill)
Clare Football Club 1959.jpg
Clare Football Club 1914
Clare Hotel.jpg
Clare Hotel

Website: 'The Middle Pub"

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The Clare hotel 1883 

Clare Hotel 1912
Clare Hotel Rear.jpg
Clare Hotel View From Rear

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Clare c. 1875, Photograph, B 722 - Main Street of Clare, vacant ground in foreground is site of Clare Hotel.

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View of Clare 1883 (from lookout)

Clare c 1875 Vacant ground is site of Cl
Clare Ladies Croquet.jpg
Clare Main Street Foot Race 1885.jpg
Clare Main Street Foot Race 1885

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Children's fife and drum band at Clare

Children's fife and drum band at Clare 1
Clarevale Winery.jpg
Clare Panoramic view of Clare in the bac


Dr. Bains House c 1880

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Homestead, Clare 1880

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Dr. Bains House c 1880.jpg
Homestead Clare 1880.jpg
English Cricketers at Clare, 1936.jpg


Members of the Bungaree cricket team.jpg
ES&A Bank.jpg
ES&A Bank

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Savings Bank, Clare 1932

Savings Bank Clare 1932.jpg
First Post Office c 1866

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Post Office, Clare 1863


First PO c 1866.jpg
Post Office, Clare 1863.jpg
Going Home from Back to Clare 1928

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Clare Float, Centenary Year 1936


Going Home 1928.jpg
Clare Float Centenary 1936.jpg
Hutt River in Flood at Burton St. Ford 1966

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Hutt River Clare 1920 with Old Stepping Stones

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Hutt River In Flood At Burton St Ford 19
Hutt River, Clare with Stepping Stones.j
Hutt River In Flood 1889.jpg
Hutt River, Clare 1910.jpg
Jack Coonan's Forge
Jack Coonan's Forge.jpg


Jameson's Bullock Team 1909

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Jameson's Bullock Team 1909.jpg
Main Street of Clare
and Main Street 1880
Main Street.jpg


Main Street 1880.jpg
Clare's Main Street through the years

From the State Library of South Australia

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Memorial Gates.jpg
Soldier's Memorial, Clare c1920.jpg
Methodist Church.jpg
Methodist Church, Clare c.1915.jpg
Clare Methodist Church 1870s.jpg
Mill Street, Clare

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Mill Street, Clare c.1890

Mill Street, Clare, c.1920

Mill Street.jpg
Mill Street, Clare c.1890.jpg
New Railway Station 1918.jpg


Opening day of the Clare railway station
Gallery - Clare's New Railway Station
 North Bridge View of Clare

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Panoramic view of Clare showing the north bridge c. 1910

North Bridge view of Clare
Panoramic view of Clare showing the nort
Old Police Station at Clare

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Museum, Clare

Police troopers at Clare

Old Police Station
Police Troopers at Clare 1883.jpg


Old Saint Michael's Clare.jpg
Roman Catholic Church, Clare c.1910.jpg
​Old Town Hall, Clare.jpg
Clare Main Street, Town Hall in foregrou
Presbyterian Church, Clare

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Clare Presbyterian Church 1980

Clare Presbyterian Church c. 1900 with members of congregation

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Presbyterian Church.jpg
Clare Presbyterian Church with members o
Roy Cross Shoe Store 1936

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Roy Cross Shoe Store, Clare, 1936.jpg


Second Clare PO.jpg
Post Office, Clare 1863.jpg
Sevenhill Football Club c 1959

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Auburn Football Club, Clare 1912

Sevenhill Football Club c 1959.jpg
Auburn Football Club, Clare 1913.jpg
Foorball Clare Oval 1951.jpg
South Bridge View, Clare

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South Bridge Clare c. 1920

South Bridge View, Clare.jpg
South Bridge, Clare c.1920.jpg
South Clare Football Club 1935

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Right: Clare junior football team 1912


1926 South Clare Footballers

	 South Clare Football Club 1935
Clare junior football team 1912_edited.j
Gallery - 1926 South Clare Footballers
St Margarets Private Hospital

Now known as 'Green Gables', the former home of Dr Geoff. Wien-Smith

St Margarets Private Hospital.jpg
St Michael's Church.jpg
Roman Catholic Church, Clare c.1910.jpg
Stanley Flat Racecourse c 1920.jpg
Stanley Flat School Students 1942.jpg
Stanley Flat School Students 1942

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Swimming Baths c 1880.jpg
Swimming Baths c 1880

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Town Hall At Night.jpg
Town Hall Clare, At Night

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