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Clare's History

The History Group compiled an extensive history of Clare for the Centenary of Australian Federation on CD-ROM.
Listed here are some of those stories

  1. Clare's Main Street Bakehouse, formerly H.C. Jones' Bakery
    269 Main North Rd, Clare, South Australia 5453
Clare's Bakehouse
Clare Valley Grapes and Wine History
3. Astronomical History in Clare

Justin Tilbrook, one of our more experienced variable star observers, was not searching for comets. He just happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time, and was familiar with the starfield.


On 22 July 1997, Justin Tilbrook (of Clare, South Australia) discovered his first comet — C/1997 O1.​

Astronomical History in Clare
Con Stoitsis on Twitter- 'Another beautiful image of Comet C-2020 F8 Swan by Australian am
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