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On Friday, August 27, the pupils of the Blyth, Everard East and Bowillia schools celebrated their annual combined picnic on the Blyth Recreation Ground.

The weather conditions were perfect, and the proceedings were carried through without a hitch. During the afternoon sports were held, and the winners of the events were as follows:-

  • Boys under 7, Ken Ralston 1, G.Ralston 2;

  • girls under 7, Florrie Dohnt 1, Roma Dodd 2;

  • boys under 9, J. Cockburn 1, B. Pawelski  2;

  • girls under 9, L. McKinnon 1, M. Welke 2;

  • boys under 11, C.Harmer 1, B. Pawelski 2;

  • girls under 11, L. Saint 1, P.Ralston 2;

  • boys under 13, F. Williams 1, L. Lange 2;

  • girls under 13, E. Harmer 1, W. Offen ;

  • boys’ Sheffield handicap, L. Lange 1, A. Cockburn 2;

  • girls’ Sheffield handicap, M. Stevens 1, L. Saint 2;

  • high jump, T. Webb 1, L Saint 2;

  • long jump, A. Cockburn 1, L. Lange 2.

Messrs Hough and Lange acted as handicappers,

Mr J. Pratt as starter, and

Messrs Sawyers and Hewitt as judges.

The arrangements for lunch and tea were under the superintendence of Mr J. S. Knowles and the lady members of the committee.

During the afternoon a vote of thanks to Mr Knowles was proposed by Mr. R. B. Pocock and carried with cheers.

[Source: Northern Argus (Clare, SA) Fri 10 Sep 1920  Page 6]




The Director of Education (Mr. W. J. Adey) opened the second Balaklava and district combined schools’ exhibition and sports on the Balaklava showgrounds on Friday.

Hundreds of cars were parked round the sports arena.

The gate receipts amounted to £53/17/6.

The schools represented were:-

Balaklava Primary, Balaklava High, Erith, Avon, Whitwarta, Mount Templeton, Cavanaghville, Halbury, Grant’s Hill, Malakhoff ,Preston, Bowmans, Owen, Woods, Dalkey, Pinery, Upper Wakefield, Beaufort, Snowtown, Salt lake, Everard East, Cameron East, Brinkworth, Hoyleton, Rochester, Hart, Woodlands and Condowie South.

More than 600 children marched in a procession from the town.

[Source: Chronicle (Adelaide, SA) 
Thu 1 Sep 1932  Page 43



Dear Aunt Dorothy

– It is such a long time since I wrote to you, I think you must have nearly forgotten me.

My age is 10 years and 2 months. I think we were lucky, too, to get over the bad eyes; but it took three weeks for them to get better.

My little brother Brian went to school yesterday. He is only 4 years old. My little sister, Marjorie, is such a darling little girl; she walks everywhere.

Can you make fish-bone necklaces? I made one, but it broke.

We have a new pony, and its name is Mick. We had a nice rain a few weeks ago; we had 66 points of rain. Our crop is coming up now, and making all the paddocks look green.

I go to Everard East School. Our poor little kitten got caught in a rabbit trap and broke its leg; but mother thinks it will get better.

I am enclosing 3d. in stamps for Minda. I will close now, with love to you, Uncle George, and the little children at Minda

– From your loving niece,


P.S. – I am enclosing 1d. for postage for a 1928 report.

[Source: Chronicle (Adelaide, SA) Thu 18 Jul 1929  Page 68]


Dear Aunt Dorothy –

Will you please accept me as a new niece? My age is 11 years and four months.

I walk one and a half miles to the Everard East School. I am in Grade VI. My teacher’s name is Mr King and I like him very much. There are nine children going to our school.

I have three sisters, but no brothers. The farm I live on is about eight miles west of Blyth. The farmers are busy reaping and are hoping to finish soon.

Father Christmas visited our school this year and brought us each a present; he gave me a nice pencil set. I went to Moonta Bay for my Christmas holidays, and had a good time.

I read the Little Folks’ Pages every week and enjoy them very much.

I am sending threepence in stamps for Minda. I will close now, with love to Uncle George, yourself, and the little folk at Minda.

Your loving niece,

Elva Higgs

[Source: Chronicle (Adelaide, SA)  Thu 15 Feb 1934  Page 65]

Blyth Notes and News Public School Inspe
Everard East School Students and Male Te
Students of the Everard East School (192
Murray Cook's Homestead, Everard (1927).

No town was surveyed in the Hundred of Everard by the Government surveyors and no town or service centre has developed in the Hundred.

For the first 36 years of closer settlement in this Hundred more than half of the area was operated as one grazing property. A station this size purchased its own supplies in bulk, making it independent of storekeepers. It employed men with skills like blacksmithing to meet its own requirements.

As a grazing property it was not densely populated, relatively few men being needed to do the necessary work. The small farms along the eastern and western boundaries looked to towns beyond the Hundred – Snowtown in the west, Blyth and Balaklava on the east and south – to meet their needs.


There were several schools with the Everard name – Everard West (1902 – 1943 in two locations), Everard Provisional School near Bowillia (1881 – 1883 and 1895 – 1902) and Everard East.

Everard Centre School opened on this site, Section 403A, in 1910. This stone building, measuring 20 feet by 30 feet, had a low stage at one end on which there was a piano. Also known as the Everard Institute, the building was used as a local hall for social events such as concerts, dances, coming of age parties, farewells, wedding anniversaries, a Leap Year Ball in 1932 and a Bachelor’s Ball in aid of the Blyth Hospital, as well as for school purposes.

The Snowtown Orchestra gave a concert in this hall on 26 April 1910. Dirt tennis courts next to the school were used by adult payers on Saturday afternoons. The name of the school was changed to Everard East in 1915. The school took part in the street procession at the third annual Australia Day celebrations at Blyth in 1917.

At the Blyth Sports Club annual sports in April 1935 the following schools competed:

Blyth, Brinkworth Group (Brinkworth, Mallee Corner, Rochester),

Everard Group (Everard East, Bowillia, Everard West),

Hart Group (Hart, Harmerville), Koolunga Group (Koolunga, Mallee Grove) and Kybunga Group (Kybunga, Woodlands, Hoyleton).

The sports included cycling events, foot races and athletic inter-school competitions between the schools of the district for the Challenge Shield.


Regular school concerts and annual Arbor Days were held. The scholars of the district schools, including Everard East, Everard West, Mount Templeton, Bowillia and Woodlands Schools enjoyed an annual combined picnic at Wallaroo, arranged by the various school parents’ committees.

A special school holiday would be granted to the schools by the Minister of Education. Students participated in the Balaklava Combined Sports Exhibition held during the 1930’s (see separate article).


Mr Albert E King was the head teacher from 1932 to 1934 and was a member of the State-wide Village Survey Committee, which was established by the Director of Education and the Australian Council of Educational Research following a scheme first established at Oxford in 1933.

It required each member teacher to guide his students in researching the history and geography of each place where a public school was established throughout the state.

He was also outspoken on the theory that the removal of trees was impacting on the climate and creating abnormal weather conditions

[Source:  The Wooroora Producer (Balaklava, SA)  Thu 3 Jan 1935  Page 3 
Mr. A. E. King Discusses Abnormal Weather Conditions


A new floor was put down in the Everard East Hall in the September school holidays in 1935, the old one having been in constant use for 26 years. A euchre tournament and dance were held to raise funds for the school in May 1936.

Three families of Hentschke’s attended Everard East – the children of Paul, Alfred and Walter.

In the early 1920’s Melva Hentschke, with her brother Len, drove a horse and cart to the school, picking up other children along the way. Her father ensured there was always a very quiet horse available for this task.

Roma Hentschke (later Jaeschke) was the last enrolment at Everard East and it closed at the end of 1937.


Average attendance reached a peak of 24.4 in 1925, falling to 22.4 in 1929, 17.3 in 1932 and 6.6 in 1937, reflecting the reduction of population on the former Mount Templeton station country in this period.

When this sign was erected in October 2015, the registered proprietors of Section 403A Hundred of Everard were listed as

Alfred William Smith, Alexander Hamilton, Ralph Eggleston Crettenden, Sydney Cook and James Douglas Sampson, as Trustees of the Everard Institute.

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