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Clare Regional History Group's Projects

1. Blyth Regional Schools

1. Blyth Regional Schools

A. Plains Producer 28 Oct 2015
PP 'Old School signs installed.png

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B. School Location Map
Aaa Wakefield Rack Plan 979 - 2015 no 2-
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C. School's Regional Memorials
2. History's Highways
Other Projects


  1. Historic Markers 2011 Stage I
  2. Historic Markers 2012 Stage II
  3. Unveiling 2012
  4. Historic Markers 2013 Stage III
3. Historic Markers 2011 Stage I

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History's Highways


40 photographic panels were produced by Stanley Studios and were on display in the History Collection,

The official launch of the project was held in the Clare Town Hall on Thursday 24th November 2011.

  • The display was open to the public,

  • particularly school students during the day,

  • with a reception in the early evening.

  • Historic Vehicles were also on display.

  • The event was a great success


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WWI Soldiers
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