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TOP 10s

Top ten favourites of Clare, S.A.
Here is a list of 10 favourite books on Clare:

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  1. Clare – A District History by Robert. J. Noye​

  2. Clare – A Backward Glance by Jean Schmaal

  3. The Inchiquin Story by Jean Schmaal

  4. A Quaint Courthouse by Jean Schmaal

  5. Clare Presbyterian Church 1856-1988 - A History by Helen R. Perry

  6. The Methodists of Clare by Win Johnson

  7. Clare Cameos by Win Johnson 

  8. Cottages and Cameos of Clare by Win Johnson

  9. Just as it Was by Win Johnson

  10. The Wakefield Its Water and Its Wealth

The top 10 oldest heritage buildings around Clare

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  1. St Michael's Church (1849) Victoria Road, Clare 

  2. National Trust Museum (1850 - Police Station) Neagles Rock Rd, Clare

  3. St Barnabas Church (1851) Farrell Flat Road, Clare 

  4. Uniting Church (1857 - Wesleyan Chapel) Victoria Road, Clare 

  5. Old Town Hall (1866) Main North Road, Clare 

  6. Clare Public Library (1872 - Clare Institute) Old North Road, Clare 

  7. ANZ Bank (formerly ES&A) - 1876

  8. Knappstein Winery (1878 - Enterprise Brewery) Pioneer Avenue, Clare 

  9. National Bank  (1881) 254 Main North Rd, Clare SA

  10. Mr Micks Cellar Door and Restaurant (1882 to 1890s)

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Opening of Clare Railway 1918.jpg

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