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Understand Clare's History Sites

Updated: May 6, 2023

The Clare Historic Walk, which has been published is now updated on our website: The fold-out guide with map is only $2 from:

  • the Clare History Room, upstairs, Clare Town Hall, open Fridays 1pm-4pm

  • The Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council Office, 4 Gleeson St, Clare, just minutes westwards from the Town Hall

  • the Clare Valley Information Centre at the reception counter.

The Clare cemetery site has been updated to show the WW2 memorial gates, which were moved to the cemetery from the Clare sports ground.

On that web page clare-history-walk you will find more details of each historic item listed on the walk.

Also directions are made easy, with direction arrows (like this) when the walk changes direction:

This green button image is linked to Google Maps, with the walking trail marked in little icons:

Try it ! Click on it. This is what you will see...

Actual street addresses are listed for all the stops, and their heritage status explained.

All historic sites are photographed for your instant recognition.

← This post box is on a corner of Victoria Road.

Did you notice it? Which street corner?

NEW: Questions you may be able to Answer from completing this walk:

And to add some spice to your walk, here are 10 questions;

Do you already know the answers?

  1. What is the oldest heritage building in Clare?

  2. What is the oldest heritage house in Clare?

  3. Which church is closest to the Clare Cemetery?

  4. Which heritage churches had their own cemetery in the early days?

  5. Who built the first Clare swimming pool?

  6. Are the Council Chambers at Clare Town Hall?

  7. Who started the brewery in Pioneer Avenue?

  8. Where is the home of Clare's first mayor?

  9. When was the train line to Clare opened?

  10. What is the most famous home in Clare?

The Clare Historic Walk connects these heritage locations:

  • 1. Lions Park

  • 2. Uniting Church

  • 3. St. Michael's Church

  • 4. Red Pillar Box

  • 5. National Trust Museum

  • 6. Clare General Cemetery

  • 7. Bleak House

  • 8. St Pauls Lutheran Church

  • 9. Knappstein Winery

  • 10. Maynard Park

  • 11. Gleeson Wetlands

  • 12. St Barnabas Church

  • 13. Billygoat Hill Lookout

  • 14. Hope Cottage

  • 15. Former Presbyterian Church

  • 16. Former Mill Street School

  • 17. Mill Street Cottage

  • 18. Clare Public Library

  • 19. Clare Courthouse

  • 20. Former Chaff Mill

  • 21. Taminga Hotel

  • 22. Former Globe Hotel

  • 23. Former Billiard Saloon

  • 24. Shamrock & Thistle Hotel

  • 25. National Bank

  • 26. Clare Hotel

  • 27. Former Northern Argus

  • 28. ANZ Bank

  • 29. Ennis Park

  • 30. Clare Town Hall

  • 31. Former Stanley Hotel

  • 32. Old Town Hall

  • 33. Bentley's Hotel

  • 34. Savings Bank of SA

  • 35. Former AMP and ETSA

  • 36. Salvation Army Citadel

  • 37. Mid North Electrical

  • 38. Former Clarevale Winery

  • 39. Riesling Trail

  • 40. Mr Mick Winery

  • 41. Soldiers' Memorial Gates

  • 42. Baptist Church

  • 43. Former Primary School

  • 44. Former High School

  • 45. Army Drill Hall

  • 46. Bain Rotunda

  • Read More

Other Clare Heritage Sites:

Finally there are still more "Clare Heritage Sites" (not on the Historic Walk) listed on the old Commonwealth Government Register of the National Estate:

Here they are:

  1. Avenue of Oak Trees Lennon St, Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  2. Broughton River Rail Bridge Spalding - Rivertown Railway, Spalding, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  3. Bungaree Homestead Complex Main North Rd., Clare, SA, Australia (Indicative Place)

  4. Clare Urban Conservation Area Clare, SA, Australia (Register of the National Estate) with lots and lots of photographs...

  5. Hill River Main House, Coach House & Stables Farrell Flat Rd., Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  6. Hill River Managers Cottage and Station Village Complex Farrell Flat Rd., Clare, SA, (Indicative Place)

  7. House 9 Old North Rd., Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  8. Inchiquin Homestead Main North Rd., Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  9. Kookynie Homestead, Clare, SA, (Indicative Place)

  10. Miners Home Hotel & Outbuilding (former) Blyth Rd., Armagh via Clare, SA, (Indicative Place)

  11. Post Box VR - opposite 155 Main North Rd., Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  12. Primary School Residence 137 Main North Rd., Clare, SA, Australia (Register of the National Estate)

  13. Sevenhill Winery (off) Main North Rd., Sevenhill via Clare, SA, (Indicative Place)

  14. Spalding Native Grassland Site No 2 Frome Crossing Rd., Frome Crossing via Spalding, SA, (Indicative Place)

  15. Spring Gully Conservation Park, Spring Gully via Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  16. St Michaels Anglican Church Main North Rd., Bungaree via Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  17. St Stanislaus Catholic Church (former) Government Rd., via Mintaro, SA, Australia (Register of the National Estate)

  18. Windsor Lodge 33 Union St. Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

  19. Wolta Wolta West Tce., Clare, SA, (Register of the National Estate)

Where is this cottage? (Correct answer gets an extra biscuit on Friday)

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